gay chav lad Ricky H

As it was a nice warm day Ricky was happy to do an outdoor shoot in the woods for us. It was evident that this horny fucker was hard before we even started filming!  His beautifully curved 8" cock could be seen bulging inside his pants and trackie bottoms.  After a little teasing with his hands down his trackies in true scally fashion, soon Ricky was getting his top off and and see more!

ricky h, posted on 29 oct 2014

gay chav lad Danny L and gay chav lad Matt D

It is always great to work with a porn virgin, even though it can be risky because you never know how the lad will perform in front of the camera and the lights, etc.  Fortunately, there were no such problems with Matt, whose confidence off screen was matched once we started filming.  Danny, on the other hand, has done numerous shoots now, so we had no worries that he would and see more!

danny l & matt d, posted on 15 oct 2014

gay chav lad Karl

I picked up this stunningly cute little chav boy up from his rough council estate and happened to mention on the way back that it would be nice to do an outdoor shoot as the weather was so nice.  Fortunately this had been one of Karl's fantasies for a long time!  So we decided to go for it! We found a nice secluded wooded area and got straight down to business. The thought and see more!

karl, posted on 1 oct 2014