gay chav lad Adam S

Adam showed no nerves at all.  Indeed he couldn't wait to get his scally kit off.  He was wearing navy trackie bottoms, Nike t-shirt and Mackenzie baseball cap - but not for long!   Adam was soon feeling his body all over and showing off his fit stomach.  He is one of those lucky lads who has a six-pack without doing any work-outs!  Soon his trackie bottoms and see more!

adam s, posted on 17 sep 2014

straight chav lad Danny E and gay chav lad Brian

I know this straight scally lad is popular with loads of you and we managed set up a duo for him.  He came down from Nottingham to meet up with Brian from London. Now as a straight lad there were a few ground rules with Danny, as he doesn't kiss or suck cock, however he doesn't mind being sucked off and he can fuck ass hard!  So we started with the lads on the sofa just and see more!

danny e & brian, posted on 3 sep 2014