gay chav boy Lewis A

Lewis is a true scally lad off a rough council estate in South London.  He always getting into scraps with his mates and generally getting up to no good on the estate!  And, of course, he wanders round in his trackies and other scally gear, whilst regularly shoving his hands down his pants and playing with himself! For this shoot he wore a white hoody trackie top, striped and see more!

lewis a, posted on 15 apr 2015

gay chav lad Danny L and gay scally boy Rob C

This was Rob's first proper porn shoot - he only turned 18 a few months ago - and we paired him up with Danny, a lad who has quite a bit of experience. We needn't have worried though as Rob showed no nerves and performed like a veteran! Rob came up from London for the shoot, a long old trek, and he was keen to make up for lost time.  Once the lads had settled down on the sofa and see more!

danny l & rob c, posted on 1 apr 2015